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Happy World Art Day

Happy World Art Day Take some time to enrich your life today by checking out some art.  It's World Art Day.  Life becomes so much richer and fuller when you add the inspiration and color of art to your world.

Here at Cramer Imaging, World Art Day has a bit more meaning to us as we're artists.  Art has so much influence on the world we know.  The building you're in, the computer or smart device you are using to read this article, the food you eat at a restaurant, all are a form of art.

It only takes a few minutes to add some beauty and inspiration to your life.  Fortunately, you don't have to go far to do just that.  We've got fine art photography for you to enjoy if you follow the link below.

Cramer Imaging's quality landscape photograph of the Palisades reservoir lake at twilight in Idaho