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Happy Nature Photography Day

Happy Nature Photography Day As a landscape and nature photographer, today is a special day.  It's Nature Photography Day.  It's a day where all of us can take some time and appreciate the kind of photography which I, along with many others, create.

Nature and landscape photography seems like it would be easy.  Just drive someplace pretty, pull out your camera, and take a shot.  There's really so much more to it than just that.  There's research into location, weather, time, availability, and other factors.

Cramer Imaging's quality landscape photograph of reflections in Lewis Lake in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Take this beautiful landscape photo of Lewis Lake in Yellowstone National Park for example.  Most of the year it's a frozen plain of snow indistinguishable from an open field.  When we first checked out this lake, there was even a snowman out on the ice.

Quality nature and landscape photography is really something to be appreciated and treasured.  Make sure to check out some of our other nature and landscape photos while you're here on Nature Photography Day.