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Happy International Artist Day

Happy International Artist Day For many of us, there's a creator of some kind looking to get out and make something amazing.  Many of us turn to art when we find that creator.  For artists, it's as important as breathing is to create something.  It's an effort of imagination and of love.  Sadly, art isn't always appreciated or valued.  Well, today, you can change that.

In celebration of International Artist Day, take some time to appreciate the art in your life.  It's not just the paintings or the sculptures.  It's also the jewelry, the photography, the furniture, the building design, etc.  There's a lot of art in your life.

Take some time and thank an artist for their endeavors.  Take him or her out to lunch.  Send them a thank you note.  Better yet, buy art from them.  If there's something you've been thinking about for a while, today is the day to buy it.  Nothing says you appreciate someone's art more than buying it.

Please take some time to enjoy this beautiful landscape photograph which came from the heart.  We would love for you to display it proudly on your wall.

Cramer Imaging's black and white landscape photograph of Teewinot Mountain in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

If this photo isn't quite your thing, then please check out all the other photos which we have.  Maybe something there will catch your eye and develop meaning for you.  We look forward to seeing what moves you.