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Photo of the Week 1

Photo of the Week 1
Our first photo of the week is this beautiful photograph of Upper Mesa Falls on the Snake River.  This waterfall is a popular tourist attraction in Southeastern Idaho.  Getting to the falls is a matter of following the boardwalk path and some stairs.  This is about the only angle you can take a picture of the falls.  There are a couple of lookout points where you can choose your view but, due to the shape of the canyon, there really isn't another angle to be had other than leaving the publicly accessible areas.

The grandeur of this waterfall cannot be mistaken.  It is large and loud.  The area is picturesque and green at the right time of year.  The view from the platform I was on cannot be compared to.  There is a very good reason why they chose this angle for the public to view the waterfall from and you can see why.  This waterfall is well worth the visit if you can get there.  This photograph of it is amazing, beautiful, and breath-taking when printed on high gloss paper in a large format like 16x24 inches.  At that size, you can really get a feel for the majesty of the falls.

If one were so inclined to try for a different angle, one would have to obtain park permission first and foremost.  The canyon is narrow enough to not allow certain methods of transportation in.  Repelling or hiking in might do it or helicopter travel.  Other than that the canyon and the swift moving river will preclude most other methods of getting a different angle.

The light in the canyon is interesting to work with.  It usually shines directly in from the south on this north-facing canyon.  This means that the colors are usually very flat and dull.  Waiting for the light to not be so flat requires lots of patience or lots of luck.  This ended up working out quite well for me as the light that day had some quality to it.

Another feature of this picture is that the observation platform, situated right next to the top of the waterfall on the right-hand side, is missing from the shot.  Getting the observation platform out of the shot was more interesting as it required leaning out and carefully angling the camera to get the people out of the view.  Leaning out is not something to be taken lightly.  This is a canyon with a steep face over a very swift moving river with undercurrents and another waterfall just downstream a little ways.  Lots of careless people have died leaning out too far before the safety rails were installed.  Even with the rails, it is still very dangerous to lean out very far, even with someone supporting you.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of Upper Mesa Falls on the Snake River near Harriman State Park, Idaho
This lovely picture of Upper Mesa Falls is a member of my award-winning collection as it has received several accolades and awards in the past.  It continues to be one of my more popular and best-selling pictures.  If you want to buy a copy for yourself, just follow this link to our online store and order one today.