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Landscape Shoot at Devil's Creek Reservoir

Landscape Shoot at Devil's Creek Reservoir
Amazing landscape photographs can be found in all kinds of places.  It is about finding the right angle, having the right equipment, and waiting for the right time.  In August, Cramer Imaging decided to check out what Devil's Creek Reservoir in Southeastern Idaho had to offer us.  It was a reasonably close drive for us so we made in time for sunset.  We were not disappointed by seeing the area.

Devil's Creek Reservoir is located in the Malad Pass area of the Bannock mountain range.  It has its own freeway exit.  The reservoir is a popular local destination for fishing and camping.  Often the fishermen end up camping there overnight.

The water is clear and deep.  Even though the area has been suffering from a drought this summer, there was still opportunity for some beautiful landscape work.

We present the fruits of our labors on this trip: this lovely landscape photograph of the mountains across the water at sundown for your enjoyment.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape and nature photograph of Devil's Creek Reservoir lake and mountains near Malad, Oneida, Idaho

The water is smooth from the long exposure we used.  The proportions are spot on between the water, the mountains, and the shore line.  The dock adds a little something special to the picture as a whole.  Overall, this is a very aesthetically appealing photograph.  We could hardly ask for something more perfect in composition or lighting.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to go and visit this area if you live close enough to do so.  It is a great place to take your family.