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Photo of the Week 3

Photo of the Week 3
Our photo of the week this week is the lovely picture of a mountain spring in the Spring time.  I took this particular picture at Treasure Mountain Scout Camp in Wyoming.  This is exactly under the bridge leading into the campground but long before campers would ever consider staying overnight.  The green of the season was at its peak for this shoot despite the substantial amount of snow on the ground.

It was a very interesting ride getting out the the site.  To reach Treasure Mountain Scout Camp, one has to travel out to Driggs, Idaho and head towards Alta, Wyoming.  Then, there is a narrow and winding road to follow which will eventually take you into the Grand Teton National Forest.  Once in the forest, the road is only partly paved.  One will have to leave the paved section and travel across a very bumpy dirt road full of pot holes.  There are sections where it is not advisable to travel any faster than about 5 mph.  It feels like forever to get through the worst of the rough road.

To get this shot, I had to use my tripod and wade out in the middle of the water.  The Spring run-off made the water very cold so I did not want to spend a lot of time perfecting the photo.  I started using my remote trigger to stay out of the water for longer periods of time and not freeze myself in the process but still maintain control over my camera from a distance.  I had to lower the tripod as low as I possibly could without getting the camera wet in the process.  This meant that the camera was only a few inches above the surface of the stream and a few inches away from disaster if something bad happened.

I was not satisfied with how the photo was turning out so I reached for one of my specialty filters so I could keep the shutter open longer without overexposing the final photograph.  The light was amazing that day but the weather did not stay cooperative for long as it started snowing on the way back to the paved road.

This was not even the photograph that we were trying for that day.  We wanted a picture of the Grand Teton peaks as there is an amazing view of them on the Idaho side of the range.  The problem is that the weather was not cooperating that day.  Clouds were obscuring the mountains so we had to try for a different shot.

Landscape silky water spring with trees and rocks professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging near Alta, Wyoming

This picture of the Treasure Mountain Spring is a member of my award-winning collection.