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Photo of the Week 4

Photo of the Week 4
Our "Photo of the Week" feature this week is this lovely photograph of wagon wheels by the Snake River at Massacre Rocks State Park.  This state park is located near Twin Falls, Idaho and the Oregon Trail.  It is here that pioneers traveling to a new life in Oregon had a bloody confrontation with the Native Americans of the area.  From the name of the park, one may gain an idea of how this battle turned out for the settlers.

This region is part of the area where Lake Bonneville broke through and flowed north.  The channel cut into the hills is clearly visible from most points of the park.  The park has many hiking trails and boating opportunities available to its patrons.  It is also a popular camping location for local Boy Scout troops.

The day that we took this picture had amazing light.  One who is not a photographer would question why a cloudy day would render such light for a picture.  The reason is the lack of harsh and deep shadows along with blown-out highlights.  The human eye does not see things the same way that a camera does.  A professional photographer must train him or herself to also see things the way that a camera does in order to achieve amazing photographs.  This takes lots of practice.

There were things to make the day unpleasant though.  It was humid and muggy.  The hike to get to this site was miserable.  We were glad for the water we had as we used it.  Our proximity to the river and the heat of the day made the mosquitoes come out in full force along with other annoying flying insects.  There was a lot of swatting to be done.  In spite of all of this unpleasantness, we managed to obtain this particular photograph.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality natural scenic landscape photograph of wagon wheels, axle, and sagebrush on the Snake River at Massacre Rocks, Idaho
This photograph is available in sizes up to 16x24 inches.
This picture is a favorite amongst pioneer enthusiasts in this area.