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Photo of the Week 5

Photo of the Week 5
This week's feature photograph as "Photo of the Week" is this picture of a pivot line sprinkling system in a farmer's field in the early springtime.  Sights like this pivot line are common in the rural areas of Idaho and other states where farming is common.  Access to a shot like this is not so easy to obtain though.

Most pictures you will see of pivots lines are from one side or another but not down the length of the line.  This is because access to the land is restricted by the fact that it is private property and the farmer doesn't want people messing up his fields and his crops by trampling all over them for photo opportunities like this.

In order to get this kind of shot, most people would have to trespass on private property or obtain permission from the property owner.  Tracking down the property owner might not be easy and he or she might not be so willing to grant access to just anyone with a camera.  Trespassing is illegal so don't attempt such an action.  You might not be willing to pay the consequences.

Photos like this really scream "Idaho."  Much of the area around Pocatello is farm land.  This photograph captures much of the spirit and the landscape of Idaho in one shot.  The concentric triangles really catch people's attention.  They love how the triangles seem to go on forever.  This is why this particular photograph is titled "Esto Perpetua," meaning "may it last forever," the state motto of Idaho.

Professional landscape photograph of farm equipment pivot line in Ririe, Idaho by Cramer Imaging
This photograph is available in sizes up to 16x24 inches.
This photo hung in the Idaho State Capitol Building in 2011 as part of a show entitled "The Spirit of Southeastern Idaho."  The director of the show confessed that this was one of her favorite exhibit selections for the show.