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Photo of the Week 6

Photo of the Week 6
This time, our featured "Photo of the Week" is this lovely photograph of pine branches dripping in the fresh rain.  Pine trees are a common sight in many sub-polar and mountainous regions of the world.  They can survive the cold and wet climate there better than many other kinds of plants and trees.  Their evergreen status has even made them a featured focal point of many a winter festival, including Christmas.

The story behind this particular picture is that we were on a hike at one of our favorite locations for hiking and for scouting out amazing photographic opportunities.  We decided to check out a portion of a trail which was a little off the beaten path for us.  We were not sure that it was even part of the designated trails for public access.

We found ourselves climbing up one of the local mountain ridges and quite a ways above the designated trails and paths.  It was a cloudy day but it decided to start raining while we were out on our hike.  Rain during a hike can be very miserable.  We were not excepted from this.  It was cold and it was wet.  We seriously considered turning back.

Photography in the rain requires rain gear for your camera which will still allow you to manipulate your camera and not get in the way of your lens as you take pictures.  I acquired some a while ago and started carrying it in my camera bag just in case.  The day of this shot, I was extremely glad I had it with me.

Despite the misery of the wet and rain on a hike, we decided to persevere and keep photographing what was available for us.  When the rain let up, there was some amazing opportunities to photograph the landscape around us and some close details like these branches.

I regretted not having my tripod with me on the hike as it would have helped out immensely with this shot.  I had to take lots of picture attempts in order to get this shot.  It was windy and the tree branches were not staying still.  There was a lot of motion blur to deal with.  Patience and perseverance in the cold and wet, with no proper support for my camera, were what I needed to score this lovely nature photograph.

Quick disclaimer: We do not recommend going off the designated paths and trails for users.  This is something which can destroy the local area and drive off local wildlife.  It is also a very easy way of getting lost.  Around this area, you do not know what kind of wildlife you will run into.  Wolves have been spotted in this area and there are bears in many other regions around Southeastern Idaho.  There are other predators and hazards in other areas of the world.  Please stay on the marked paths and trails for your own safety.

Professional quality nature photograph of pine branches dripping with water in Caribou National Forest near Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging