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Happy Halloween and Photo of the Week 11

Happy Halloween and Photo of the Week 11
Cramer Imaging is wishing everyone a Happy Halloween along with safe and productive trick-or-treating tonight.  May the candy be never-ceasing and the tricks be unnecessary and forgotten.  Halloween this year happens to line up with our weekly "Photo of the Week" so we decided to feature a Halloween photo as our spotlighted image.

As with all of our "Photo of the Week" features, there is a bit of a story behind how I got this particular photo.  It falls into a category of photography known as still life.  This is not a common style of photography for me but sometimes it is fun to play around with.

There are a couple of linden trees out in the front yard which shed a ton of leaves every Autumn.  The grass is buried beneath layers of them until the late fall winds blow many of them away.  There are a couple of weeks each year where the lawn is covered in yellow leaves.  This started my thought train.  I wondered what I could do with this photographically for a while.

While thus pondering, I came across another subject I wanted to depict: the holiday spirit of Halloween.  All Hallow's Eve is the first of the two big holidays for this time of year.  It is fun and it is spooky.  We celebrate the strange, the unusual, and even the macabre.  Ghost stories are popular as are the works of Edgar Allen Poe and people like him.  The decorations we put up to celebrate this holiday can be truly ghastly.

I have a few decorations I like to use.  They are not of the extremely scary variety nor are they overly cutesy.  I was looking at the leaves and picturing what I would do with them when it hit me.  I could use some of the Halloween decorations I have lying around in this big pile of leaves.  The fallen yellow leaves would complete the spooky and Autumn-themed look.

Setting up this photo was a matter of digging out the decorations I wanted to use and piling the leaves up to where I wanted them to be.  Then it was a matter of positioning the camera on my tripod in such a way that it was close enough to the ground to get this angle.

The light was difficult to work with.  The leaves were overexposed and the rest was under exposed.  I needed my speedlight flash to help compensate for the poor lighting conditions.  It took some work to dial in the exact settings for a sinister enough overall feel while still maintaining a proper exposure.

The result is this holiday-themed photograph featuring many of the themes of Halloween: death, warding off evil spirits, witchcraft and other supernatural powers, and overall evil.

Cramer Imaging's professionally photographed Halloween theme with cauldron, skull, jack-o-lantern, crystal ball, zombie sign, and fall leaves in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho