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Photo of the Week 10

Photo of the Week 10
Cramer Imaging is pleased to feature this adorable and quality photograph of a Mandarin duck swimming in a pond full of water as our "Photo of the Week."  Ducks are a particularly fun and colorful subjects for any nature photographer to shoot.  This duck here was no exception to this either.

This duck was at the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls.  It was in the crane exhibit enjoying the water there.  Due to the early cold weather snap, many of the animals were already put away for the season.  Of the animals which were still out for public viewing, the birds were a prominent fixture.  There were numerous ducks at the zoo, including white Pekings and forest toned Mallards, but the Mandarin ducks were the most colorful and they caught my eye that day.

Some of the birds, such as this duck, could best be described as free-roaming as the exhibits are open and the smaller airborne waterfowl were moving between locations at will.  This duck found a full pond of water, which was not already crowded with other ducks, and it chose to take advantage of the situation.  The cranes didn't mind the company at all.

All of the birds, this duck included, seemed to want to pose for my camera that day.  Capturing this adorable look was not as easy as it seems.  The ducks were posing but not for very long.  If I was a second or two slow with clicking my shutter or nailing my focus, the ducks lost interest and continued swimming on.  Many an opportunity was lost for this very reason.

The light was complicated that day.  It was extremely bright and the shadows were deep.  Compensating for this required a bright flash setting, brighter than any built-in camera flash emits.  I needed my speed-light flash unit for this photograph.  The ducks didn't particularly care for the flash either.

Even still, I had to display a lot of patience in order to get this photo.  My timing had to line up with the ducks posing for me.  After a lot of trial and error, I managed to see this duck looking so cute and I was ready for the duck's pose.  The result is this amazing professional quality animal photo of an adorable Mandarin duck swimming in some interestingly reflective water.

Cramer Imaging's professionally photographed nature and animal picture of Mandarin duck swimming in water at Tautphaus Park Zoo, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho
This photo is a member of my award-winning collection.