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Photo of the Week 8

Photo of the Week 8
Cramer Imaging is featuring this lovely and amazing fine art photograph as our "Photo of the Week" for this week.  I get asked many times what exactly this is a picture of.  It honestly puzzles me that it isn't immediately obvious to people.  Top guesses include a wing, a comet, fire, and a feather.  Can you guess what it is?  Keep reading to find out for sure.

The story behind this particular shot is one of chance.  We were out for a drive on the Interstate on business of our own.  I had brought my camera equipment with me just in case there was something worth taking a picture of on this trip.  It was a good thing that I did as I was able to capture this image that day.

This is a cloud, and a huge one at that.  It was stretching across the sky for miles.  I found, as I rode along, that I liked the shape of the cloud.  It continued to interest me as we racked up miles ourselves.  I did notice that it was windy and that the shape of the cloud was changing.  This was bad if I did not get the shot as quick as I could.  The cloud would blow away along with my photographic opportunity.

I started expressing my interest in stopping the car at the next freeway exit, which was, very fortunately, not far away.  I continued to watch in increasing horror as the wind started breaking up this cloud formation while we made an exit from the freeway.

I thought that we would simply pull over off the exit and I could set up my tripod and camera to shoot this image.  I was wrong.  We pulled onto a frontage road and kept going.  The frontage road was the perfect place to pull off but the driver kept refusing to pull over.  All the rest of the passengers of the car had to beg and point out that the cloud was breaking up and would be gone in a matter of minutes if we did not pull over immediately.  Very fortunately, the driver was finally convinced and pulled over.

Less than five minutes later, literally, the cloud broke up and blew away but I had already bagged this amazing and unique photograph.

Professional photograph of an abstract black and white cloud by Cramer Imaging
This photograph is available in sizes up to 16x24 inches.
This photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.  It was a finalist in the Photographer's Forum Magazine contest in 2010.  This photo is available for sale in our store.  You can find this picture for sale by following this link.