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Photo of the Week 9

Photo of the Week 9
Our featured "Photo of the Week" for this week is this classic and amazing photograph of a white pelican against a rocky background.  Achieving a photograph like this of a live animal is always a challenge which requires a great deal of patience and luck in timing your shutter.  This photograph was absolutely no exception to that.

Sometimes the most amazing animal photographs can be acquired locally from the zoo.  This just happens to be one of those photos.  White pelicans can be found around here in Southeastern Idaho.  They are much easier to find at a local zoo than they are in the wild.

Our local zoo offers a free zoo day once a year as a promotion.  This particular zoo is a part of a complex city park in Idaho Falls.  We decided to take advantage of this free day at the zoo opportunity to photograph some animals we cannot easily find in the wild.

This particular day was exceptionally cold for the month so visiting the zoo was less pleasant than it normally should be.  It was also very crowded despite the temperature.  This made setting up for a photograph on a tripod a rather difficult business.  Taking up the walkway with the tripod spread in such crowded circumstances is a hazard and should not be considered.

The zoo was far less interesting than usual as most of the more interesting animals had been put away for the winter because of the early cold weather.  This limited what options we had to take pictures of.  Only those animals which could stand the cold at night were still out for the public to view.  Among them was this pelican.

This region of the zoo is open air and the public walkways are roped off from the animal exhibit areas.  All of the birds could easily leave the area if they so chose to do so.  This pelican was sitting recessed into the exhibit area at such a distance that a lens with a normal range would not get in close enough.  I had to use a telephoto lens in order to get this shot.

I was hoping for an iconic pose out of the birds there.  As with all animals in general, I had to get the best possible angle and hope for the best.  If the pelican moved, I had to change my angle.  This bird was trying to preen itself so getting a dramatic pose was a serious matter of patience.  I persevered, however, and managed to capture this professional quality photograph to add to my fine art collection.

White pelican preening in a natural setting professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging's professional photograph of a white pelican posing at Tautphaus Park Zoo, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho