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Photo of the Week 13

Photo of the Week 13
For this week, Cramer Imaging is pleased to feature this lovely fine art pet portrait of a cat as our "Photo of the Week."  Cats are favorite photo and video subjects for many people so it should not come as any surprise that we have a couple of these ourselves.  The real surprise is the cooperation of the cat for the portrait.

The story behind this pet portrait begins with finding a litter of kittens in the garage of my in-laws.  Yes, this is my cat.  The kittens were adorable and I wanted a cat of my own badly.  We decided to keep this one for ourselves.  The rest were given away to good homes.

Shortly after getting married, my spouse and I moved into the apartment which you see depicted in the background here.  Yes, the walls really were that terrible color and we were not allowed to paint them.  We set up the cat furniture near the window so that my cat could enjoy looking outside as cats like to do.

I was in my first photography class when I took this picture.  I was still learning about the basics of taking a good photo.  My teacher had given the class an assignment to take several pictures with the camera ISO set to 100.  While working on that, I noticed how still my cat was sitting and how it could be a good picture for my homework.

I got out my camera and made sure the settings were correct.  It is downright amazing that the cat did not move during this process.  I positioned my camera for the shot and was immensely pleased when I checked my camera and found I had taken this remarkable image.

One of the reasons why this is so remarkable to me is that it was a much lower light setting in the room than it appears in the image.  The shutter was open for such a long time that it is a miracle this picture did not blur from my hand shaking.  There was no flash used here, though it would have come in handy.  The camera was in a very uncomfortable position for me to hold and I could not see through the viewfinder at all.  Other exposures of this subject ended up blurring from my hand trembling.

The truly amazing aspect of this photograph is that my cat stayed still the entire time that I was shooting pictures of her.  Clearly, whatever she was staring at had her interest but was not something she wanted to hunt or she would have been much more active.

Animal portraits can be a very tricky thing to get right.  So much depends upon the animal and there is no way to communicate with them to improve the final product.  Patience and a great deal of luck is necessary for this type of photography.

Cramer Imaging's professionally photographed portrait of a seated black and white cat looking out a window in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho