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Photo of the Week 15

Photo of the Week 15
This Friday's Photo of the Week feature is this themed and stylized fine art photograph of a Nativity scene.  Nativity scenes are a common Christmas decoration and so there are so many different kinds out there for individualized customer tastes.  What is so special about this particular scene is that it was used as a prop for cover art for a Christmas song being published.

We had a customer express a need for cover art for some original Christmas music he was getting published.  I was excited for the job and requested a copy of the music and lyrics in order to get a better idea of what he was looking for.

The original music and lyrics were beautiful and touching.  I could not believe that I was being given the opportunity to represent this music with my art.

The lyrics spoke of the birth of the baby Jesus and all the elements of the traditional Christmas story.  This got me thinking that I should check into a Nativity scene for the cover art.  The customer also expressed interest in that idea when he submitted the job to me to start with.

Finding the right scene for the music style was the tricky part.  I tried several different ideas and concepts of Nativity scene before landing on this particular scene.  It had everything I was looking for.  It had the all important Holy Family along with the animals, the shepherd, the wise men, and the stable for the backdrop.

The next part of the task was to set everything up so that it did not look like I was doing some kind of product shot for the company selling the Nativity scene.  For that I went with two different backdrops, one to be the sand and dirt of the Middle East desert and one to be the black of night.  Things were beginning to come together with the shot but it wasn't there yet.

I happened to know someone who made a trip to the Holy Land a few years ago and brought back some rocks as souvenirs.  This was the perfect opportunity to add some true Israelite flavor to the shot.  I was grateful that my request to borrow the pebbles was granted and they added something extra special to the picture.

When I was processing up the final images, I discovered that the scene worked well in both the color and the sepia versions.  My spouse suggested that I add some of the color back into the sepia version of the shot and see what it looked like.  This suggestion worked beautifully.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality stylized fine art photograph of a Nativity scene with rocks in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho