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Photo of the Week 16

Photo of the Week 16
For this week, we continue featuring our Christmas-themed fine art photography in our "Photo of the Week" spotlight.  Again, we approach the common visual story of the Nativity or the original Christmas story but from a different side.  This time, our subject matter is a lovely little figurine of the Holy Family against a solid black background.

This photo is another out of the series we did for the Christmas music cover art.  We have previously discussed the story behind some of the cover art in last week's "Photo of the Week" feature so there is no need to be redundant this week and share those details again.  If you would like to catch up on them, however, use this link to read about our photo shoot.

This photo was later in the series than last week's photo and so received lots of thought on how to approach it.  There was talk of using rolled up cardboard as pillars for a backdrop.  It did not turn out quite as I had hoped though.  The difficulty with this shot was to not make it look like a product shot from a catalog as that is not what I wanted to depict here.  My vision was going to coincide with product photography and I knew it.

I had decided that a simple black backdrop would work out the best for this particular shot.  The next step was to apply a seamless background feel to it.  Any photographer, with a little study in the matter, knows what to do for that particular approach.  The trick was to make the final picture look elegant without losing details in the fabric below.  This took some careful positioning of the subject and angling of the camera.

Part way into this selection, I noticed that the photos were looking a bit flat and went about finding a solution.  This included changing the position of my camera on tripod and the location of my light sources.  I was on to something and continued working with my options till I was satisfied.

I determined that this photo needed some deeper shadows and so adjusted things accordingly.  The results were dialing into what I wanted.  Suddenly there was some life to the scene created by this dead chunk of plaster.

This shot turned out amazing when I added some blue filters to my strobes.  There was something about the touch of blue in the flashes of light which added a special amount of depth missing from the straight white light shots.  The colors of the figurine suddenly popped.  I loved what I was seeing with that effect.

Professional quality fine art product photograph of a Holy Family Christmas figurine in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging