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Photo of the Week 18

Photo of the Week 18
For the final "Photo of the Week" just before Christmas, we are pleased to feature this amazing fine art photograph of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple.  The grounds are all decorated up with Christmas lights which adds the festive touch to the final image.  These lights are only up and lit for about a month so there is a narrow window of time in which to enjoy them.

The Salt Lake Temple on Temple Square is a popular tourist location in Utah.  People flock there to check out the historical sites in addition to the information that the LDS church presents about itself.  One does not need to believe in what the LDS church teaches to admire the architecture displayed and the attention to fine detail in their public face.

Christmas is an extra special time of year as this is when the Church pulls out all the stops on their pageantry.  The whole of Temple Square is lit up with a dazzling number of lights in the trees.  Their lighted Nativity display is also worth a peek while you are there.

The Church starts putting up the lights for their Christmas display well before Halloween.  There are that many lights which are a part of the display.  Somehow, the volume of lights which they use does not end up looking tacky or overdone.  It is perfectly balanced and highly tasteful.  Add to that the unique and iconic skyline of the temple spires, and this is a holiday image which is difficult to match.

Despite how amazing the whole area is, it is difficult to get a good shot of the entire temple with Christmas lights also in the frame.  Most angles of the temple spires are not easily paired up with the decorated trees.  A view of the length of the temple is more difficult as there are not many trees are within a good camera angle of that shot.

I managed to find a great angle to get lit trees into the frame with the temple.  I had my camera and tripod handy.  The final trick was to get the lights of the surrounding buildings out of the shot.  There are lots of skyscrapers and shopping centers surrounding Temple Square and they were not dark.  This required some serious filter work and post-processing to achieve.

In addition to the difficult angle, it was also cold and snowy that night.  The ground was slick so keeping a tripod in place was not the easiest of tasks.  Thanks to the cold, I had to worry about my shivering in addition to the the usual issue of unsteady hands.  Somehow, we managed to pull it off and hold it still.  Despite the misery of the cold, snow, and ice, we captured this scene.

Quality photograph of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple at night with Christmas lights professionally shot by Cramer Imaging

This photo is a member of my award-winning collection.