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Photo of the Week 19

Photo of the Week 19
This Friday, we are featuring this stupendous fine art winter nature photograph of an icy stream in black and white format as our "Photo of the Week."  It all started with a simple walk along one of my favorite hiking and photography trails during a season where I prefer to stay indoors.

I decided that I needed to do something different with my landscape and nature photography as my portfolio only had spring, summer, and autumn pictures in it.  I knew that this had to change so I took my camera gear along on the hunt for something spectacular to shoot a picture of.

The weather was cold, making my hike miserable.  I was exceedingly grateful for the photographer's gloves I had acquired previously.  These gloves had removable thumb and forefingers for ease of camera use in cold conditions.  They made my life in the snow less unpleasant.

Between the melting snow and the solid ice, it was difficult to walk very far without slipping every few steps.  I kept expecting to take a fall and hoped that I wouldn't damage my camera gear when I did so.  Fortunately, I did not have to worry as I kept my footing the entire time.

I was having some difficulty discovering a scene which I liked enough to set up my camera and capture the moment.  Then I came across this little outlet in the stream.  I found it interesting and worth a try.  Getting the framing right was the next challenge.

This shot was not nearly as close to me and my camera as it first appears.  I did not like the full view available through my standard lens.  I switched to my telephoto lens and zoomed in to bring the interesting water swirling much closer than it was.

After some standard length exposures, I decided to try a long exposure and see what would happen.  For this, I needed both my cable release for sharpness and my neutral density filter for light control.  After the shutter closed and the preview appeared, I was amazed to see that the swirling water patterns, which had first drawn my eye, had transformed into a soft and floating mist pouring over the top of the flowing water.

When reviewing my photos from this trip, I thought about checking this one out in black and white just to see what would happen.  Sometimes, things work out better without color present.  This was one such case.  It went from a decent photograph to a portfolio-worthy masterpiece in an instant.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality black and white landscape photograph of icy stream at Cherry Springs Nature Area, Caribou National Forest, near Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho