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Photo of the Week 20

Photo of the Week 20
Cramer Imaging is featuring this sweet portrait of a girl as our "Photo of the Week."  This young lady was an interesting character during her family portrait session.  It kept things entertaining for all of us even though she gave her parents some exasperation during the process.

It was a slightly cool and cloudy morning in Idaho Falls the day that we did this family portrait session.  It seemed that every one and their dog was out for their family portraits at this location.  It was perfect conditions for outdoor portrait work so it was not surprising to see so many people and photographers present.

This young girl was the most animated of the children in this family.  She had so many ideas and was so very expressionate in most of the shots I took.  It was difficult to keep her focused on the task at hand because she was having so much fun.

When it came time for the individual child shots, the parents let each of their children choose their backdrop.  This girl was super excited by the stones in the pond that she insisted that I had to see them.  She was convinced that they were lily pads.  Instead of lily pads, these are worn down mill stones which are now being used as stepping stones.

Seeing her enthusiasm for the stones, I decided that it would be a great spot to do her portrait.  Her excitement shot through the roof with that idea.  Positioning her was not difficult once I found an angle which would work for a background.

The highly reflective quality of the water needed to be dealt with so my polarizing filter came in handy for this portrait.  Fortunately, this child was cooperative for her own portrait and I didn't catch her pulling faces in this pose as opposed to some of the group poses with the rest of her family.

This is a portrait to make any parent beam with pride.

Professional quality portrait of a girl on a mill stone with water plants professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho