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Photo of the Week 22

Photo of the Week 22
For this week's "Photo of the Week," we have decided to feature this photograph of a robin sitting on a branch at twilight.  Catching a bird singing is not an easy thing to do but we managed to photograph this one in the middle of a song.

We were out on a hike for some quality nature photos in one of our favorite haunts.  It was getting cold and dark so we were thinking about calling it a day.  It had been a bit frustrating as far as material worth photographing but it had been a good visit with a friend.

We decided to turn back when I heard it.  I heard a bird start singing and chirping.  It was another chance for me to try for a shot that day.  The trick was to not scare off the bird while doing so.

I edged closer in order to get a sight of the bird in question.  I had seen some other birds that day, which I would have been delighted to photograph.  I was hoping that this bird was of the same species of yellow bird from earlier.  It was not.  As it turned out, the singing bird was a robin perched high up on a bare tree branch.  This was a bit disappointing but I decided to try for the shot anyways.

Getting near enough to the robin for a good shot yet not close enough to scare it away was tricky.  It required that I stay back where it could not see me.  This required some specialized gear in the form of a telephoto lens.

As far as catching the bird singing, like I did, required some timing and some luck.  Eventually, my patience paid off and I captured this shot of the robin while in the middle of a cheerful song.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality photograph of a robin singing in a tree at Cherry Springs Nature Area, Caribou National Forest, near Pocatello, Idaho