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Photo of the Week 23

Photo of the Week 23
It's Friday again and time for another featured "Photo of the Week."  For this time, we have chosen to feature this profile head shot of a crane.  Unlike some animals, this crane was rather easy to photograph as it was so camera friendly that day.

It was a cold day at the zoo when I stuck out with my camera for some wildlife and animal photos.  The chilly weather prevented me from gaining access to some of the animals I was wanting to take pictures of.  Those animals were far less tolerant of cool climates than this bird and an handful of other animals still on display that day.

Pickings were a bit slim for me.  There were many empty cages and displays.  I wandered through the zoo sighing over the lack of photographic opportunities that day.  I decided to check out the crane enclosure to attempt those birds as subject matter and was finally rewarded for my choice.

The cranes were excessively playful and were enjoying themselves while posing for the camera a lot.  I was seriously having fun with snapping photos of the birds as they wandered around their enclosure.  It was more difficult getting more than a snapshot.

The birds were displaying a rather short attention span when it came to posing.  They would pose for me beautifully and then break the pose before I could get a decent picture most of the time.  I would aim my lens in the right direction and be focusing when the crane(s) would lose interest in me and start wandering around the pen again.

Despite the frustrating attempts at timing, I managed to land this lovely head shot of one of the birds.  The background is lost in a lovely and soft bokeh.  The color selection gives extra emphasis to the stark contrast of the crane's red eye.

Quality headshot portrait of a crane in a natural setting professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging's headshot of a crane in a natural setting at Tautphaus Park Zoo, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho