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Photography Tells the Story That Words Cannot

Photography Tells the Story That Words Cannot
People often say that "a picture is worth a thousand words."  There is some real truth to that statement.  Words often fail utterly and completely to describe what the eyes can see.  When I want someone else to have the same visual experience that I did, I cannot ever describe what I saw completely nor accurately enough for them to see it themselves.  I solve this problem using the medium of photography.

Photography quote against a seaside landscape photograph at sunrise
When I want you to understand what my experience visiting some tourist location was like, I take my camera and photograph what I consider to be the most important sights.  Then I show you the story of what I did and what I saw through the pictures I took.  Only then can you truly understand the experience I want to share with you.

When I want something truly memorable and descriptive, I take a picture of myself in the frame with whatever has caught my eye.  Then you, the viewer, get an idea of the true size and scale of what I went to see.  The comparison is what really gives you the idea of what I saw.

Cameras are the obvious and indispensable tool necessary for those photographic stories and documentaries we crave as human beings.  Without them, or some extremely talented artist's rendering, we are left with only our imaginations to fill in the gaping blanks and holes in the stories we hear.

The human imagination is a powerful instrument in the our inventive and creative arsenal but there is little it can do to see what something really looks like.  Often, it will create an idealized version of what you think something should look like, especially without some kind of reference.  Should you ever go see the location, you may find yourself disappointed by the sights which meet your eyes.

Very simply, there are not words powerful enough to describe the beauty and majesty of a dramatic sunset, a towering waterfall, or a colorful double rainbow.  An angry political protest cannot be summarized in a series of written paragraphs no matter how concrete or specific the writer chooses to be.  No one can get the full idea of the devastation of a natural disaster or the joy of a newborn child without a photograph to show you what it really looks like.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality epic fine art photograph of the Idaho Falls Temple with dramatic lighting and a cloudy sky
The drama of the sky and the light in this fine art photo of the Idaho Falls Temple cannot be described with words.
Even more difficult to tell about are experiences which cannot happen again.  The location may still be there but the people are not and neither are the decorations nor the conditions of the event.  The description of a cold, windy, and rainy day of a demonstration cannot adequately convey just how miserable it was like a picture can.  Nor can the a pleasantly hot and sunny day at the beach or a water park be given justice with only verbal language to share the experience with others no matter how eloquent or poetic the speaker is.

Professional senior portrait photograph of a girl against trees by Cramer Imaging at Ross Park, Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Being a senior in high school only happens once in your life.  It's a fleeting moment in your life.  This is why senior portraits are so popular with both the students and with the parents.
Our cameras allow us to capture the moment and to share the exquisite yet unspeakable details with others.  The fully immersive experience is more available to others if we want to share it with them.  Lights, colors, patterns and much more are not lost to those listening to the story as they can actually see what is being described right before their eyes.

The beautiful and touching story of an engagement or a wedding cannot be fully told without photos to supplement the tale.  The same goes for a young family with growing children.  Moments which pass by and are gone forever may be reclaimed though the photographs we take and keep.  Connections may be made with the past which would not have otherwise happened.  This is why photos are so prized.

Words have the ability to evoke powerful emotions in us but only when combined with the images our imaginations generate or the real life images we see in front of us.  There is something so inescapably concrete about a photograph that we are able to fully see and feel the experience with others even years after the event has transpired.  Certain important but subtle nuances of human curiosity and communication are preserved for all time.

With the camera and computer in our arsenal of communication tools, we deepen the level of information available to those who would listen to our stories.  We generate added interest and focus on our tales.  We bridge the gaps left by mere words alone.  In essence, we "complete the picture" for others to enjoy with us.

If you have a story you want to share, such as your engagement, your family, or your life, Cramer Imaging would be happy to document those precious moments for you.

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