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Photo of the Week 25

Photo of the Week 25
Valentine's Day is on its way so we are showing a romantic themed photo for our "Photo of the Week" this week.  This week's feature is a fine art photograph of a lady's wedding ring creating a unique shadow on an open book.  What is this mysterious shadow shape?

There are lots of ways to do something romantic without actually including people.  One idea which was making the rounds on the internet a little while ago is the idea of using a ring to create a heart-shaped shadow on an open book.  This was so cool that I just had to do my own version.

Strangely, this is not the easiest photograph to pull off.  A ring does not like to sit on end in the crease of an open book.  Making that stay was a bit of a gymnastics act and required several tries with lots of patience.  It would also slip down at very inconvenient times during the photo shoot.

The next problem was positioning light so that I could create that elusive shadow in front of my camera.  It required lots of trial and error to find the right spot.  It eventually required me to hand hold the flash unit and use remote camera triggering to even have some shadow going in the correct direction.

The final frustration, which made this shoot much longer than it needed to be, was that I had chosen a book which used paper with a glossy surface.  This is not a common paper choice for most books but I chose the wrong one.  The flash kept blowing out the text at the high points of the book.  Getting around this particular problem was really difficult.

Once I had generated my final image, it seemed a bit lacking and flat.  To counter this, I tried different photo filters.  The set used here made the picture something more than it was.  The final product is spectacular.

Picture of a bride's wedding ring forming a heart shaped shadow on an open book professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging