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Photo of the Week 27

Photo of the Week 27
Beaver activity was visible on this winter time photo hike.  Those critters were out in force gnawing down the trees and re-enforcing their dams.  We could see their activities easily thanks to the lack of green foliage covering it up.  This photo shows some of what they had been up to.

Winter photo hikes are not a pleasant thing for us.  The wind has a tendency to cut right through me and my spouse is not as well protected from the cold as in previous years.  Neither of us like the efforts required with capturing these kinds of photographs.

We gathered together our courage for this hike and braved the cold and snow for some photos that day.  Thanks to the sheltered region in the mountains which we chose to investigate, the wind was not so much of an issue as it is on the bare faces of high mountains.

Most everywhere we looked on this hike, there was evidence of the beavers recent activities.  There were trees in the process of being chopped down.  There were gnawed stumps lots of places.  We even caught a glimpse of the beaver dam in progress.

On the way back from this hike, I noticed this tree.  It was bend over and fractured, as you can see, but not entirely severed yet.  The snow piled on one side caught my attention as did the texture of the splintered wood.  Taking a macro approach removed the distracting elements surrounding the tree.

While processing it, I found that I didn't care for this photograph as much as I had hoped.  The composition is excellent but the color bothered me.  A simple desaturation of the color resulted in this much better version of the picture.  I gasped with delight when I first saw it.  The texture, which first caught my attention, is much more visible than with the color intact.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality black and white fine art photograph of split wood and snow in Caribou National Forest, Bannock, Idaho
This photo is a member of my award-winning collection.