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Photo of the Week 30

Photo of the Week 30
Winter has been getting me down lately.  It's that time of year when patience for warmer weather and more color runs very thin but Mother Nature is not yet ready to change the season.  So I decided to remind myself of summer with this week's gorgeous "Photo of the Week."

Everyone loves a good rose photograph so much that this kind of picture has become cliche in certain photographer circles.  In fact, I had a photography professor forbid the class from presenting photos like this no matter how well they were done.

This photo started out with me walking out the front door and noticing a beautiful blooming pink rose late in the season.  Not every rose is worth pulling out the camera for but, upon examining this flower closer, I realized that this one had some potential.  Out came the camera and I got to work.

I took several standard shots in traditional angles just to get that out of my system.  Then I really got to work with the creative side of things.  I experimented with different views of the rose.  This photograph is the result of changing the angle some.

The rose was already beautiful and did not require much in the way of clean up on set or in Photoshop but there was something missing from the shot for me.  Then I remembered that extra something that water droplets add to many of the most amazing nature photos I have seen.  I immediately went about tracking down a spray bottle for adding the missing element.

Several water spritzes later and a careful re-positioning of my camera, and I had captured this beautiful photograph of a summer rose in all its glory.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a traditional and classic pink rose with water droplets in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho