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Photo of the Week 31

Photo of the Week 31
Our Friday "Photo of the Week" feature for this week turns up north of Pocatello to Idaho Falls.  The LDS temple, situated on the Snake River, is a major tourist attraction in the area.  Naturally, this means it is highly photographed subject matter.  It is a rare thing, though, to see a photograph this dynamic and epic.

The symmetry of the front of the temple is something that cannot be missed.  The architecture and the landscaping have been carefully crafted to give that feeling to the viewer.  Getting to that point of perfect symmetry with the camera though is not easy.  Just one tiny little step off and that symmetrical feel is lost.

I happened to notice the end of an amazing sunset when I was scouting out this shot.  Before I could get my camera set up, the window of fire in the sky was over.  I missed that chance by seconds.  However, I did see that there were some dramatic and fast-moving clouds still overhead.  With some adjustment, there could still be a dream shot here.

After finding that perfect point of symmetry and leaving my shutter open for several seconds, I discovered that I could indeed come home with a fine piece of photography that day.  The ground was uneven, even for cement, so I had to carefully level my tripod and maintain that perfect symmetrical spot in the process.

It was also interesting to work around the patrons and the tourists.  Many people were coming through so I had to time my shot in order to not include people I didn't want in the picture.  Fortunately, people around here have learned some manners about not interfering when someone is taking a picture.

The perfect light, the perfect clouds, and the perfect timing combined with a beautiful location to create this masterpiece of photography.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality epic fine art photograph of the Idaho Falls Temple with dramatic lighting and a cloudy sky
This dynamic photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.