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Photo of the Week 32

Photo of the Week 32
Friday has rolled around again and so has spring-time.  The flowers are starting to wake up again.  To kick off this new season, and the warmer weather that comes with it, we have decided to feature this lovely blue wildflower photograph as our "Photo of the Week."

This particular photograph was taken on top of the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City.  That's right, this lovely wild flower was part of a garden on the roof of one of the key buildings in downtown Salt Lake City.

While on a tour of the building with my camera, we went up to the roof where the tour guide was showing off the gardens up there.  These gardens are specifically designed to show off the local flora of the region.

It was a miserable day with overcast skies and drizzling rain.  I was not enjoying being outside but I wanted to check out the area as I don't get down to Temple Square all that often for how close I am to it.  I had heard about these gardens and wanted to see them for myself.

Most of the plants were not in bloom.  It was a rather disappointing visit.  There were no butterflies due to the weather conditions.  It was not even an ideal vista of the famous Salt Lake Temple either.

While wandering around with my camera in tow, I happened upon the bed of flowers where this picture was taken.  Thanks to my camera's rain gear, I could shoot photos as much as I pleased without worrying about damaging my camera from the water.

This flower was simply begging for the macro angle.  With that lens and the water provided from the rain above, I was ready for this shot.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art nature photograph of blue wildflowers with water droplets in Salt Lake City, Utah