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The Most Important Secret for Any Aspiring Photographers

The Most Important Secret for Any Aspiring Photographers
Do you dream of taking amazing photographs?  Does the sight of another's photo work make you want to create something that good yourself?  Do you want to know how those amazing professional photographers took those quality pictures that you proudly display on your wall in a calendar or a family portrait?  Do you figure there must be some secret to their success?

There is a reason that this professional caliber photograph exists in my portfolio.
There is a secret to how those professional caliber photographers took such amazing and epic photographs.  It is a very simple secret.  They practiced a LOT.  Yes, the most successful photographers out there (professional or otherwise) have practiced the craft of photography until they have mastered it.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of Upper Mesa Falls on the Snake River near Harriman State Park, Idaho
This beautiful photograph was the result of lots of hard work and study.
Mastering anything, photography included, requires lots of practice and experience.  Nothing in the world, even knowledge obtained from study, can replace the sheer drudgery of beating something into your brain and teaching your body to act unconsciously.

Practice will enable you to recognize opportunities you might otherwise miss.
Learning to pose people and objects is not something that comes naturally to people.  Developing a discerning eye for composition, subject matter, and those little tiny details that are the difference between good and great cannot be learned in any other way than out in the field with a camera in tow.

Learning to instinctively pose people takes a great deal of experience.
Practicing will teach you how to use your camera.  It will train your eye to see what will work in the frame of the camera and what will not.  It will teach you how to manipulate your creations digitally in order to optimize your work for display.

Polishing up an almost perfect photograph digitally requires lots of practice to get it right.
It is a long and slow grind to the top.  Things will come slowly at first.  The more practice you give your photography, the easier and the better it will become.  Any subject matter will do.  Have patience with yourself and remember to practice often.