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Photo of the Week 34

Photo of the Week 34
We have been doing several flower pictures for "Photo of the Week" lately.  I felt like doing something different and adding an insect photo in for this week.  So, for this week's featured "Photo of the Week," you get a bee interested in a pink flower.  How's that for different?

This particular photograph began as a trip to the Idaho Falls Green-way.  For those of you who don't know about that, it is a nature walk which makes a loop around the Snake River waterfall of the city's namesake.  This waterfall is not very big but it is very wide and part of a swift moving river.

The green-way is a popular location for tourists, joggers, and photographers as there is a long trail with quite the view.  It is also the local haunt of flocks of seagulls, ducks, and Canadian geese.  There is something different every time you pay a visit.  The city has done some work to beautify the area with flowering trees.

It was early in the spring and a rather miserable day when we made a trip up to Idaho Falls.  I brought my camera in hopes of maybe taking a few photographs.  Thanks to the cold, I didn't pursue that idea for very long before I wanted to go warm up and continue on with our other business.

On the way back to the car, I spotted these flowering trees.  What was interesting about them was the fact that there were insects buzzing around.  I pulled out my camera with the macro lens and started snapping away.

Catching a bee in just the right position, such as this, and holding still enough not to blur is an exercise in timing as well as patience.  The bees do not pose for the camera and don't like to be interrupted in their duties.  I took many pictures which ended up not working out.

Finally, I got a lucky shot in with this bee.  It was in more or less the position I was hoping for and it was holding still long enough for a sharp image of it as well as the flower.  The translucence of the light pink petals was the perfect bonus and really adds contrast to the dark colors of the bee.  With this shot nailed, I was heading back to the car in search of warmth.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a honey bee eating nectar on a pink flower in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho