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Photo of the Week 35

Photo of the Week 35
It was a dark and cloudy day when I pulled out my camera and decided to try for some nature photos at one of my favorite locations.  It was threatening bad weather in addition to the cold.  For some reason, I knew that there would be an amazing photograph out there for me just waiting to be taken.  So I braved the elements with my camera.

We started up the usual trails at Cherry Springs searching for that elusive photo I could just feel was waiting for me.  The overcast skies hid those deep shadows and over-exposed highlights as we hiked along.

For some reason, nothing was working for me that day.  I tried lots of different times to shoot a picture of something that would be a professional quality photograph.  I was continually disappointed.  The normal magic was not there.  It was not working for me that day.

We continued the hike but in futility.  It was getting dark and I didn't have a single photo that was worthy of my portfolio.  Discouraged, we decided to return to the car and head home.  There was no point in staying out any longer.

Suddenly, when we emerged from the trees, I saw the shot I had been looking for all afternoon.  I couldn't believe that it was right behind the car the whole time.  The clouds had settled low over the neighboring hills and mountains creating this dark but powerful view.

Thankfully, I still had my camera out.  I started clicking that shutter.  The day had not been a waste after all.  Here was the photograph that I had been feeling in my bones all day.  A couple of adjustments in Photoshop and this beautiful photograph was born.

Cramer Imaging's professional landscape photograph of low hanging clouds on a mountain in Cherry Springs, Caribou National Forest, near Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho