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Photo of the Week 36

Photo of the Week 36
Friday has come again and it's time for us to feature another one of our lovely landscape or fine art photos in our "Photo of the Week" special.  This week, I felt like taking a bit of a break from the load of spring flower photos I have been putting out for the past few weeks.  This time, I wanted something big and dramatic.  This sunset certainly fits the bill for that.

Out on another photographic expedition for new and amazing material, we ventured into Arbon Valley.  I had seen some pictures of a very photogenic barn lately and I wanted my shot at a high quality photo of it.  This meant taking a bit of a drive out to find it.

I have often learned that the shot we get is not always the shot that we initially set out to capture and this photograph was no different.  I wanted a picture of that barn.  Instead, I snagged a lovely panoramic sunset on the way.

As we came up over the rise of the hills, I could not believe what was right in front of my face.  The clouds were so dramatic and the sky was lit up with color from the setting sun.  I wanted this picture.

I quickly decided that I could not capture the entire scene with a single shot no matter how far I tried to zoom out with my wide angle lens.  It would not fit into a single frame.  This was when I knew I needed my tripod and Photoshop to stitch together my panorama.

I made sure that there was enough overlap in the series of five photos I took so that Photoshop could align the images properly.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality natural and scenic landscape photograph of clouds at a sunset in Arbon Valley, Bannock, Idaho

This photo is a member of my award-winning collection.