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Photo of the Week 37

Photo of the Week 37
Another Friday has arrived and it's time to announce our next "Photo of the Week."  This week's featured photograph hails from the aviary section of the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls.

Every time we make a trip to the zoo, we make sure to bring the camera equipment for there are photo opportunities with the animals which cannot be had elsewhere.  This zoo, like most, houses some of the more exotic animals from around the world.  We can get pictures of animals from different continents no more than an hour away from where we live.

On this trip, it was warm enough for most of the animals to still be on display despite the later date on the calendar.  We wandered around the zoo for hours taking lots of pictures.

When we arrived at the flamingo pen, I was hoping that I would have similar timing to what I was getting earlier that day.  I wanted to shoot an stunning and downright amazing photograph of a pink flamingo to add to my portfolio.

The flamingos were not as cooperative as other animals were.  It's not that they were being shy or aggressive when the camera was out.  It's simply that they weren't interested in posing for me right them.  This made my job more difficult

As I was attempting a shot of the adult flamingos, I noticed that there were several juvenile birds there as well.  They were not nearly as showy since they had a drab gray color to their feathers.  At first, I tried to avoid them in the frame altogether.

Gradually, I realized that I might be able to get a decent shot with the young flamingos rather than with the uncooperative adults.  I turned my camera their direction and was not disappointed.

These birds were more shy.  However, I spotted an interesting chance pose with one of the young birds.  It was reasonably posing and I also caught a glimpse of the shadow from one of the adult birds against the wall and also within the frame.  Here was my opportunity.

Baby flamingo and adult flamingo shadow facing each other professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging at Tautphaus Park Zoo, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho

This photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.