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Photo of the Week 38

Photo of the Week 38
It's Friday again.  That means it's time for another or our "Photo of the Week" features.  The past several weeks have been filled with spring flowers.  It felt like time for a small break.  So this week, we are featuring this fine art photograph of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple.

This photo has an interesting story of improvisation in the field that goes along with it.

We had taken a trip down to Salt Lake City and stopped off at Temple Square for some photos before we headed back up north again.  Temple Square is so picturesque that it is difficult to resist the chance to photograph something there when the opportunity presents itself.

We were traveling light with the camera gear this time.  This means that we left some equipment at home.  Some of this equipment was crucial for us as it turned out.  That made things extra interesting for making the shot work.

We had left the only quick release plate for my tripod back in Pocatello so I could not use my tripod at all despite the fact that we had brought it with us.  The only stand I could use was my monopod since it did not require the plate.  It screws directly into the bottom of the camera body.  Thankfully, we did have that with us.

The problem of stabilizing the camera became an interesting balancing act of carefully positioning the camera with the monopod so that it was stable but the view I wanted was still in the frame.  This did not always work out the way I was hoping.

While wondering around the grounds, I was struck by the symmetry of the architecture and the perfect reflection visible in the reflecting pool below.  I wanted that shot but was unsure that I could get it given the equipment handicaps I had.

Thankfully, I had my wide angle lens with me so I could get most of the view I wanted.  A very precarious balancing act of laying the camera sideways on the rock and using the monopod to assist in the balance was then pursued.

It took several tries to get it just right without risking the camera in the flowing water.  The result was this pristine photo of the Salt Lake Temple, lit up at night, with a sharp reflection below in the frame.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple at night with a reflection in water
This lovely photo is a member of my award-winning collection.