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Photo of the Week 39

Photo of the Week 39
This week's "Photo of the Week" feature is bright, bold, and in your face.  That's right, it's a very loud and very red photograph of the inside center of a red springtime tulip.

This is not your normal, everyday view of a tulip.  In fact, I would daresay that this view is not the version of a tulip photograph which you would normally display anywhere, wall included.  There might be only a select few who would be interested in displaying this photograph in their decor.

This photo has a rather simple story behind it but one worth the telling.  I was working on some photographs of the new Spring flowers that year.  It was cold and windy as it usually is in Idaho that time of year.

The daffodils and the tulips were out in full bloom but not as easy to take pictures of as you might expect.  (There was wind involved)  After taking some of the more traditional shots of flowers together and individually, I decided to try something a bit different just for fun.

I switched to the macro setting on my lens and focused in on one of the red tulips.  I was aiming topside down as we don't usually see what the inside of these gorgeous spring flower staples looks like.  There is a reason for that.

The inside of a tulip I find to be less photogenic then the rest of the flower.  For this reason, I went for a different and much bolder look the the final product.

It was difficult to get the camera to focus on the center of the flower and maintain pristine clarity on the stamens and the stigma.  I have the gusting Spring wind to thank for that.  With patience, I managed to find a break in the wind long enough to snap a picture or two.

Professional quality nature macro photograph of the inside of a red tulip by Cramer Imaging in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

This photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.