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Photo of the Week 40

Photo of the Week 40
Another Friday has arrived and it's time to unveil our latest featured "Photo of the Week" for your viewing pleasure.  Our focus has not left the season of Spring yet but has started branching out a bit.  Insects are emerging again so we decided to feature this lovely orange butterfly.

The story of this photograph starts out on a hike in the woods.  We decided that we wanted to take a break from the cares of the world and sought out the peace of nature.

I brought my camera just in case there was something that I wanted to take pictures of.  The butterflies were out in force eating the nectar that the wildflowers were producing.

The wildflowers were nothing special, as you can see from the photograph.  They were of the thistle variety and not very inspiring.  The butterflies, however, were worth hauling the equipment up the mountain for.

These butterflies were a tease.  They did not want to pose in the manner I wanted to shoot them in.  Either that or they did not stay in place long enough for me to click the shutter.  It was an exercise in patience and timing with my telephoto lens to capture this image.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality photograph of an orange butterfly sitting on a pink flower in Caribou National Forest, Bannock, Idaho

We hope that you enjoyed this photo and continue to follow us as we roll out more beautiful pictures for you to enjoy in the future.