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Photo of the Week 43

Photo of the Week 43
It's time.  Another Friday has arrived.  It's time for our Friday "Photo of the Week" featured image.  As the season is changing, we felt that it was time to start looking at some different images than just flowers.  This is why our chosen picture for this week involves buffalo.

The story of this photo starts when my spouse and I were asked to attend the Wood Badge graduation of one of our fellow classmates in Teton, Idaho.  Our course director gave us a ride out to the location.  On the way, we passed this pasture in Swan Valley.  Yes, I just said it is a pasture.

Well, I saw the American bison, also known as buffalo, and decided that I wanted to photograph them.  We made another trip up to the location and positioned ourselves to shoot from the road.

Getting an unobstructed view was interesting since the pasture here is bounded by an electric fence.  I did not fancy removing fence lines from the final image in Photoshop nor did I wish to feel the jolt of an electric fence.

Positioning the camera carefully near enough to the fence to shoot through it but not near enough to ground out on it was a few minutes of careful decision-making.  Once positioned, I realized that I was going to need my telephoto lens in order to  shoot the kinds of photos I was hoping for.

None of those worked out as hoped, but I did have the sense to use my wide angle lens just in case.  It was a decision that I'm glad I made when I saw this line of buffalo wandering across my field of vision together in a line.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of four buffalo in a field with mountains in Swan Valley, Idaho

This photo is a member of my award-winning collection.