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Photo of the Week 45

Photo of the Week 45
The crystal clear and slightly blue waters of Niagara Springs in the Thousand Springs National Monument now takes its slot in our featured Friday "Photo of the Week."  This black and white version was everything that we hoped it would be.

On a trip out the the location of a medieval reenactment campsite, we passed this beauty just off the side of the road.  With my photo equipment in the trunk, this was too stunning of a scene to pass up.

I was about to insist upon pulling over to take the picture when suddenly my spouse started doing exactly what I wanted.  I later found out that I would have been taking the photo whether or not I wanted to.  It's a good thing that photographing the waterfall was already a part of my plans.

Thousand Springs is located near Twin Falls in Idaho.  It is a massive area with lots of little waterfalls flowing down the sides of the cliff faces.  Most, however, are nowhere near as spectacular to see as this one.  A sign nearby this waterfall described the water color as being a glacier blue hue.

Being that there was a viewing platform built right there for public use, that became the point I shot from.  The waterfall is not easily visible from any other ground angle than straight in front.  This is thanks to some landscaping and man-made additions.

Given the close proximity, a wide angle lens and a tripod were in order as was a lens hood.  The direct sunlight overhead was brutal to the color depth of the surrounding vegetation.  The greens were faded and dull.

The color version of the photograph was passable but it really popped when reduced to a black and white image only.

Cramer Imaging's professional black and white landscape photograph of Niagara Springs waterfall in Thousand Springs State Park near Hagerman, Idaho
This stunning photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.