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Scouting Out the Tetons

Scouting Out the Tetons
Despite the continually unpredictable weather that we have been experiencing, we still have those moments worthy of the camera.  With a break in the weather a couple weekends ago, we decided to scout out a location for some nature photography.  This time it was the Teton Mountains.

As part of an upcoming cover art assignment, we started checking out the Teton mountain range for snow pack and lighting qualities.  The rain lately has not been very conducive to such photography work and creature comforts at the same time.  This is why it has been put off for so long.

When we neared the mountain range, we noticed that the weather was still being fickle.  We weren't sure that we could even attempt the shot for the cover that day.

As we drove along, we watched the clouds.  It began to be obvious that we probably would not have the opportunity to shoot pictures of the Tetons until suddenly, there was a moment where the clouds parted.  We had a clear view of all of the peaks at once.  It was time to make sure that I didn't go home empty-handed on the subject of my original quest.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature landscape photograph of the Teton mountain peaks and a farm field near Driggs, Idaho

This is not the traditional view of these mountains.  The farm field in the foreground added something to the shot as far as we were concerned.  However, the Tetons were not the only stop that we made on this road trip.

Since we had some time to burn and it was on the way, we decided to take a detour to the collapsed Teton River Dam historical site.  We arrived in time to witness the mist rising from the canyon and obscuring the upstream portion of the river.

We had good timing with this shot as only a few minutes later the mists had cleared due to the sunlight and wind.  After nailing this image, it was on to the Tetons with the hope that the clouds would not be obscuring the peaks from view.

The earthen Teton Dam collapsed on June 5, 1976 and unleashed a 5 hour wall of water into and devastating the surrounding cities of Wilford, Sugar City, Roberts, Salem, and Rexburg.  Idaho Falls also took a beating from the unleashed fury.  Fourteen died that day. Below is a view of what remains of the original dam.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape nature photograph of the Teton River Dam canyon in mist near Driggs, Idaho

Even though these are not the shots we originally made the trip for, they do make for wonderful additions to the portfolio.