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Photo of the Week 46

Photo of the Week 46
The Fourth of July is coming but Friday is here.  So, in honor of our independence, we are featuring these orange fireworks in the lineup of our featured "Photo of the Week."  More fireworks to come later.

As Independence Day rolls around again every year, it's time to dust off the old camera and try for some of those fireworks in photograph form.  This was one of those times.

These beautiful bursts of color and light originated from the "Biggest Show in Idaho" fireworks show in Pocatello put on by a local car dealer company.  They have this show at the North Bannock County fairgrounds every year.

This year, I was testing out a new vantage point for the fireworks show.  My wide angle lens was not getting in close enough for me given the distance from the show.  I had to go for my telephoto lens to get in close enough for details.

In order to get this kind of exposure, I had to leave the shutter open for several seconds so that the camera would detect the entire firework explosion not just a part of it.  This required a tripod for stability and a cable release for timing.

I had to get my timing right on the fireworks from initial explosion time to full burst.  This required lots of practice and most attempts were less than successful.  In fact, exposures were terrible.  After a while, I began to get the hang of catching things right.

The next issue is that the later it gets in the show, the more smoke there will be hanging in the air obscuring those sharp pictures.  I had to compress my practice time in order to not to destroy the photos with the smoke.  This was the best shot that year at combining all those elements together.

Orange fireworks from The Biggest Show in Idaho professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho