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Photo of the Week 47

Photo of the Week 47
It was a hot and muggy day when we ventured forth to take this week's featured "Photo of the Week."  We were trying for the Oregon Trail out at Massacre Rocks State Park.  The remaining wheel ruts of the historic wagon trail were not the only opportunities to pursue that day.

This oasis in the high desert is a popular location for water sports enthusiasts, campers, and Boy Scouts.  This precludes some of the waterfront for photo opportunities simply due to invading people's privacy.  However, the grounds are expansive enough to provide ample chances elsewhere for the photo enthusiast.

This photo was taken during a hike along some of the established nature trails.  Those hiking trails are long.  They were extra miserable thanks to being along the side of a river in the summertime.  The humidity was magnified to even worse thanks to the clouds moving overhead.

We had several adventures along the trail.  We even managed to get ourselves a bit lost for a while.  While being lost was inconvenient, we were glad to have the camera in tow with us as there were some photo opportunities for us.  This particular shot was one of those chances.

The Snake River bends its course through this stretch of wilderness.  Finding the perfect angle, with the perfect lighting conditions, can be a challenge.  Thanks to the cloud cover overhead, the light was already taken care of.  Shots like this need a tripod and a wide angle lens to fully capture the scene.

Professional scenic landscape photograph by Cramer Imaging of the Snake River and wild plants at Massacre Rocks State Park, Idaho

Just make sure to bring lots of water with you on this kind of an adventure.  Dehydration is not fun but so easy to achieve in these kinds of conditions.