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Photo of the Week 48

Photo of the Week 48
Friday has arrived again.  It's time for us to reveal this week's featured "Photo of the Week" for all of you to enjoy.  This week, we are showing off this serene lakeside photograph at Devil's Creek Reservoir.

The story of this photograph begins with me wanting to photograph something different.  I was tired of chasing pictures in the same areas I had been.  Inspiration was running a bit dry in the usual photo shoot locations.  I wanted to go somewhere different.

We had been taking a lot of photo trips up north.  I wanted to try something south.  The first place that came to mind was Devil's Creek Reservoir near Malad, Idaho.

We arrived near sundown to capitalize on the golden hour that day.  We situated ourselves for a wide landscape shot.  I wanted to include the water in the shot but it was ruffled with the late evening wind.  This was not the glassy reflection I was hoping for.  I decided to try out another technique instead.

I knew that I could smooth out the water if I left the shutter open long enough.  The trick was to not over-expose the image in the process.  This is where my neutral density filter came in.  I also needed my tripod and my cable release in order to achieve that tack sharp photograph I was aiming for.

I took several exposures attempting to dial in the camera to the lighting conditions.  As the sun set lower, the light began to work.  As soon as it completely receded from the mountains behind, I set about working this shot.  This picture was a twilight shot with a multi-second exposure time.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape and nature photograph of Devil's Creek Reservoir lake and mountains near Malad, Oneida, Idaho