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Photo of the Week 49

Photo of the Week 49
Friday's here again.  It's time to reveal our featured "Photo of the Week."  This week, we are excited to be featuring a summer favorite: the rose.  This bright red rose is a garden staple this time of year.

Sometimes the best things in life surprise us with their timing.  We are going about our normal business when something unexpected but amazing finds us.  We often call that serendipity.  Such is the case for this rose picture.

The photo starts with me walking out the front door with plans to head out some place.  The rose bush just to the left of the door had started blooming again with this lovely flower.  I couldn't resist running back inside and grabbing my camera for a few pictures before departing for the errand.

The fortunate find of this amazing rose was dampened a little bit by some of the surroundings.  There was not much in the way of foliage other than weeds.  This meant careful positioning up against thorns in order to get the shot I wanted.

Partway in, I realized that there was something missing from the photos I was taking.  There was nothing really wrong with them but there was something off.  Realizing what it was, I carefully extracted myself from the precarious position I was in and went to fetch my spray bottle.

After a few spritzes and my careful reinsertion, I resumed clicking away at the shutter.  I revisited previous shots to make sure I had what I wanted.  The water droplets were the key to making this macro shot amazing.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a classic red rose with water droplets against a green background in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

This photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.