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A Shot at Ornamental Shrubbery

A Shot at Ornamental Shrubbery
It was a hot and blustery day when I loaded up the car with my camera gear and headed out to a local park.  I had big plans on shooting some new photos of fireworks this year and I wasn't going to miss the date.  What transpired was not as expected but still rewarding.

Ok, so it was a bit gusty that day rather than a full blown wind storm.  However, when going for pictures of fireworks or plants, it doesn't much matter how hard the wind is blowing.  Any amount of wind blowing spoils the shot.

So, fireworks didn't happen and that was disappointing but I got to shoot pictures of some of the local flora which I was pleased turned out despite the gusting wind.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a low key black and white ornamental lettuce head plant at Freeman Park, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho

In recent years, I have seen plants like this springing up in gardens all over the place.  It looked like lettuce to me and I couldn't figure out why someone would plant lettuce in a flower garden.  It had to be something else but I didn't know what.

As it turns out, my first instinct was entirely correct.  This plant is nothing less than ornamental lettuce.  Not so good for the eating but fancy in any flower bed anywhere.

This plant was one of few that I could keep in focus during those gusts of unpredictable wind which kept sweeping in off the river.  While entirely green right now, it really popped when taken down to a low key level as a black and white photograph.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature black and white photograph of tiny white flowers clustered together at Freeman Park, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho
Another plant which didn't result in lots of motion blur thanks to the wind were these delicate little but very showy white flowers.

They clearly grow together in a close and tight cluster on each stem.  There could easily be hundreds of individual little blossoms on a single plant and I would not be surprised at all.

I don't know what kind of plant these flowers are but I really wish that I did.  They are lovely to behold and very stable in wind gusts.  The gardeners and the city made and excellent choice by installing these flowers in the bed this year.

I did attempt some other shots outside of the established flower beds.  Many didn't work out but such is the way of photography.  One that did end up working out beautifully was this photo of a thistle bud opening up to bloom.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a stylized pink thistle bud flower at Freeman Park, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho

The exceedingly pointed nature of this particular weed flower was striking to me.  I decided that it warranted a chance with a macro lens.  It was not easy to keep in focus but this shot managed to work out well.

The original photo was a bit on the boring side and a bit overexposed on one side.  A little styling up made this photograph into something much more exciting.  Beauty really does exist in many different forms and is defined by he/she who beholds.

While the fireworks didn't work out for me, it was still extremely satisfying to walk away from the park that day with some high quality images to work with.