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Photo of the Week 51

Photo of the Week 51
Friday has arrived.  It's time once again to unveil our choice for our "Photo of the Week."  This week, we have selected a photo which is not one you would expect to see in animal photography.  We have chosen to feature this green parrot preening itself.

This photo begins with a visit to the Tautphaus Park Zoo.  It was a comfortable day so there were many animals to choose from when I wanted to take pictures.  We were running all over that area looking for good shots and angles.

This parrot was sitting in an enclosure which was fortunately shaded, both for the bird and for me.  The shade compensated for the bright sunlight which was blowing out the highlights on many a shot I tried that day.

I was hoping for a shot with the bird's face.  It may be cliche but there is a reason why it is so.  This bird had other ideas.  It felt that it needed to groom itself right then.  This blew my chances at getting a picture with its face.

All was not lost though.  I noticed that it was at the perfect angle to try for a different shot.  The composition was beautiful when it raised its front wing a bit while preening.  I tried for this new idea and it worked.

Catching it holding still long enough to get a clear photograph was interesting though.  It was timing and patience along with lots of luck.

Photograph of a green parrot preening itself in the Tautphaus Park Zoo, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho professionally done by Cramer Imaging

This preening parrot photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.