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Photo of the Week 53

Photo of the Week 53
It's time once again for all of us at Cramer Imaging to announce our selection for "Photo of the Week."  Since we have been on a bit of an animal kick lately, we decided to continue that tone this week.  Our choice for this week is this black and white photo of a pigeon sitting on a birdhouse.

This bird is another in the series of tamed animals which we have also been doing a lot of lately.  This pigeon is the property of the Tautphaus Park Zoo as well.

This particular zoo trip was a warmer and bright sunny day.  Many of the animals had retreated to what shade they could find in their pens in order to keep cool.  This bird was no different.

It was warm enough that I was slowing down on my photography that day.  I wanted to make sure I didn't overheat myself.  We were in search of a cool shady patch ourselves.

Somehow, while searching for that shade, we managed to make our way over to the children's section of the zoo.  This was a bit like a petting zoo in that there were many farm animals present which you typically see in a petting zoo.

Not wanting to waste all my time, I began scanning through the cages and pens looking for a photo subject.  This pigeon caught my attention.

The color of the birdhouse it was sitting on was a distractingly bright red.  I couldn't easily see the bird for the house in color.  Once I transformed the picture to black and white, suddenly, I could see the bird much better.

Cramer Imaging's professional black and white photograph of a pigeon seated on a birdhouse at Tautphaus Park Zoo, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho