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On Tour in Eastern Idaho

On Tour in Eastern Idaho
We had a blog post coming up to its publishing date and we needed a photo for it.  There was no way that we could get it in Pocatello so we made plans to hit a few other local sights as we drove.  Thankfully, the smoke from all the fires was not impairing the shots this time.

Cramer Imaging's professional fine art photograph of a railroad or train bridge over a river between Fremont and Madison counties, Idaho
On the way up, we stopped at a railroad bridge I had been meaning to take a picture of.  Classic rail bridges are getting a bit scarce around here so I wanted to get that shot before construction replaced it with something far less photogenic.  I had already lost the chance for one bridge this way.

As this bridge was right off of the highway, it was not hard to find a spot to park.  Making sure that I would not get run over by a train was a different story.  Thankfully, no trains were on that track at that moment.  I kept an eye out just in case though.

The lines on the track just drew me in as I was aiming for a shot down the center of the bridge.  I couldn't leave the tracks out.  The color version was passable as a snapshot but this photo really came into its glory when aged digitally.

Once we got the shot we needed, we poked around Island Park for a few shots.  Some of the forest creatures were remarkably tame.  I could get really close and still they didn't run.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature animal photograph of a wild chipmunk in a cinder block in Island Park, Fremont, Idaho

This frisky little one caught my attention as we were heading out to a different location.  He was so cute and he seemed to want to play in the cinder block.  Thanks to some incredible luck with timing, I caught him all framed up in the block.  I had a couple of seconds at best but I got it.

While driving to a location, I was watching out the window and hoping to catch sight of some deer.  After all, the last time we had made this trip there were some deer on the side of the road that I could have gotten photos of if I had my camera with me.  Regretfully, the only deer I saw were too far away for a decent shot.  However, I did notice something else which was worth the stop.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of a large dramatic cloud dipping down to silhouetted pine trees in Targhee National Forest, Fremont, Idaho

Thanks to the position of the sun behind the clouds, the trees of the forest were in silhouette and there was a very interesting and very big cloud dipping down towards them.  If it weren't for the fact that the term "funnel cloud" describes a tornado, I might call this cloud a funnel cloud.  As it is, it is simply an interesting cloud formation.

While several of the photos at other locations did not turn out as hoped, some from our final destination worked out beautifully.  I had been wanting to try a silky water technique on Upper Mesa Falls ever since I learned how to do that trick.  My original photograph was an award-winner so I was hopeful.

The chipmunks caught my attention during the hike in.  These were even tamer than the last one if you can believe it.  I could stand within about tree feet with my camera right over them and they continued to sit there eating.  Those were some really tame critters.

Professional quality nature animal photograph of a chipmunk eating seeds on a rock in Fremont, Idaho by Cramer Imaging

Thanks to how tame they were, I was able to get a really nice and close macro shot of this hungry chipmunk.  It didn't seem to mind my presence at all.  I got several shots before remembering that I wasn't there for rodents.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a silky and dreamy blue upper Mesa Falls waterfall in Fremont, Idaho
After the hike on the board walk, we reached the viewing platforms for Upper Mesa Falls on the Snake River.  The light was fading fast and the western edge of the canyon blocks much of the setting sun from striking the waterfall.  I had to hurry up and choose a location fast to catch the light.

Some tourists were driving me crazy.  Those board walks vibrate when people walk on them.  Due to the long exposure I was trying for, I could not have the least vibration shake the tripod while the shutter was open.  Thankfully, the tourists didn't stay long and I could get my shot in peace.

The blue shades of twilight added a dreamy aspect to the fast and frothy waterfall.  The long exposure softened the waterfall from a harsh white to include subtle tones of other colors too.

Once night had fallen, it was time to return and check out the haul of photos I had just taken for the day.