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Photo of the Week 55

Photo of the Week 55
A play on words takes the spot this week for Cramer Imaging's "Photo of the Week" feature slot.  Today, we proudly feature this pair of pears.  This was not an intentional play on words on our part but ended up being so just the same.

Having access to several fruit trees here locally, I decided to try out some photos of fruit last autumn.  The overgrown pear tree seemed a likely candidate amongst other options.  Sadly, the tree is so tall that it is really not possible to get an eye-level photograph of the pears without some serious climbing.  No ladder is available.

The light was terrible that day.  It was bright and directional.  There were heavy shadows as well.  I did not let this handicap deter me.  I pressed forward with my camera in hand and took lots of fruit pictures that day.

I scouted around the tree and looked for likely subjects still hanging from the branches.  Most of the ground fruit was already rotting and had bugs swarming all over it.  Tree fruit was the best option.

This shot required a telephoto lens in order to get close enough for the high fruit to fill the frame as you can see here.  There was no way that I was climbing the tree or trying to find something to stand on in the middle of stinging hungry insects.

The angle of pointing up created some stability problems for me.  Often times, I could not keep the camera steady long enough to get a clean sharp shot and not blind myself with the sun.  Only trial and error could easily overcome this.  Several tries later yielded this beautiful image.

Professional quality nature photograph of a pair of pears on a tree in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging
This photo is a member of my award-winning collection.