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Photo of the Week 56

Photo of the Week 56
Guess what?  Friday has once again arrived.  It's time for Cramer Imaging to unveil our pick for "Photo of the Week."  For this week, we have chosen to feature our popular photograph of a Canadian goose with spread wings.

This photo begins as a trip up to the Idaho Falls green way with my mother.  She wanted an afternoon with me and wanted to do something that I'm interested in.  She brought her Canon camera so she could try for some of the geese as well.

The geese which congregate on the shores of the Snake River in Idaho Falls are very tame for wild animals.  They don't mind most of the spectators and recreationalists at all.  This was a good choice for some wildlife photography.

I did not want to risk the anger and ferocity of a fully grown Canadian goose so I kept my distance and used my telephoto lens in order to get my shots.

Animal photography, wildlife or otherwise, takes lots of patience on the part of the photographer.  Rarely do animals cooperate and pose just because you want them to.  I took lots of shots that day in the hopes of scoring a usable photo for the portfolio.

My mother spotted this goose getting ready to spread its wings and alerted me to the opportunity.  Thanks to the telephoto lens, I could get in close.  I started snapping lots of exposures as soon as I got my composition.  This one turned out beautifully.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a wild Canadian goose spreading open its wings in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho
This photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.