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How to Add Your Own Custom Wallpaper to Windows 7

How to Add Your Own Custom Wallpaper to Windows 7
Do you have this amazing photo you are so proud of that you simply must have as your computer wallpaper?  Is your computer using Windows 7?  You are in luck.  There is a simple way for you to add your own custom wallpaper to your computer.

First, you must choose a location for your computer to store the picture.  This must be some place that you are not likely to delete on accident.  One good choice is the Pictures folder inside the Documents folder.  These are default files so every computer with Windows 7 will have them.

Professional quality color nature flower photograph of a wild sunflower and leaves in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging
This beautiful wild sunflower photo is one example of a picture that could be used as a custom Windows 7 wallpaper.
For illustration purposes, I will be using the sample pictures which come in that folder upon installation.  Use your choice of photo instead of this example.

I will use the yellow tulips picture which is the last one in line.
Simply select the photo of your choice by left clicking once on it.  Then right click on it to open up the menu of options.  Hover over the selection called "Set as desktop background" and left click on it.

"Set as desktop background" is the second option as you can see here.
After you click on "Set as desktop background," the computer should automatically update your wallpaper to the picture which you have chosen.

You can see here that my wallpaper has changed to the photo of the yellow tulips.
Be aware that if your selected image does not have the dimensions of 1024 x 768 pixels, then some cropping or shadowboxing will occur.  This will affect how your wallpaper looks.  Portrait orientation images will be shadowboxed simply because there is not enough width to cover the screen.

The final step is to enjoy your new and unique wallpaper on your Windows 7 computer.