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Cruel Light But Beautiful Photos

Cruel Light But Beautiful Photos
Everything in the world piled up on us in a single week.  I don't know how or who planned it, but we were vastly over-scheduled.  Sleep was getting to be a valuable commodity and so was down time.  In the middle of this crazy haul, I learned that the fall colors were out and I couldn't miss that chance.  No colors here but still some amazing shots happened.

So, amid scouting activities everyday but Monday, family from out of town visiting, clients wanting more cover art, and a lunar eclipse which could not be missed, we found a few spare moments to try for fall colors.  My timing could have been better.  Either that or my choice of location was poor.  Either way, no autumn leaves for me that day.

Still, I finally got another chance at a butterfly photograph.  It was very warm and sunny.  The bugs were out in force.  Large butterflies were nowhere to be seen but there were plenty of smaller ones flying around.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature insect photograph of small orange and black butterfly on wildflower in Caribou National Forest, Bannock, Idaho

So much patience and luck is required for wildlife photography that I sometimes get discouraged despite the fact that I keep punishing myself by pursuing such photos.  This time was not so bad.  I finally had a reasonably cooperative butterfly stay in place long enough for me to photograph it with wings spread no less.

Thanks to the high sun of early afternoon, I was not going to get anything but harsh and direct sunlight on anything.  While this made for some terrible pictures on some of my attempts, I decided to try something a bit different.

A good photographer knows how to use the available light to create a work of art despite what quality said light has.  I simply changed what I was looking at to accommodate the light there.  This meant that I looked for something where deep shadows would be ideal.  The nearby cliff face held some promise in that regard.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a rocky cliff face in the mountains in Caribou National Forest, Bannock, Idaho

While undeniably harsh on the subject, the direct light perfectly emphasizes the sheer rocky face and the shadows add dimension to what would otherwise have been a rather flat-looking cliff.

This photo is a bit of a departure from what I usually like to shoot pictures of but adaptation and flexibility are important qualities for any landscape and nature photographer.